Everything is connected to everything

This quote from the pen of Hildegard von Bingen reflects my deepest conviction. The seemingly simple sentence is in fact a noble essence for all medical practitioners and healing professions. Indeed, I check daily with people in my practice whether this thesis is actually true. Whether it really is that „simple“. After more than twenty years of working as a body and physiotherapist with multi-layered experiences with the most diverse personalities, I can affirm every syllable of it.

My roots are anchored in the Buddhist philosophy I grew up with. In this teaching, it has been known for thousands of years that thinking and feeling are interdependent and influence health. In the meantime, modern neuroscientists are demonstrating the manifold interactions between the head and the body with brain scans, among other things. Research proves that we can influence the structure of our brain through better focusing (for example meditation techniques) and that new neurological connections are formed. The human body is extremely adaptable and so much more than biological function.

With the knowledge of these connections, I understand the imparting of new aspects and ways of looking at things as a „mission“ that I am committed to fulfilling. I am grateful for the opportunity to accompany people in their processes and developments. I, too, learn something new every step of the way.

"Simplicity is the result of maturity."

Friedrich Schiller


Authentic people appear genuine. They do not pretend. They enrich their fellow human beings with their being. Because they give themselves permission to be what and how they are. Cultivate what you are.


You want change? That cannot be created with known things. Development only and exclusively takes place outside the comfort zone. This means: we have to cross borders in our minds. Be courageous. Mentally embark on a journey and playfully immerse ourselves in possibilities.


It is scientifically proven that thoughts and feelings are beneficial to health, but can also harm it. Ideally, our head and heart are in harmony and we are „at peace“ with ourselves. Are you living your truth?