Healing is your responsibility

The human body is a fascinating, very complex system. Every organ, every single cell communicates continuously with other cells. All bodily functions interlock perfectly. Everything in us strives to be in balance. Physical disorders or complaints are often the last expression of a long chain of events and thought patterns. Before that, the human being has extensive compensation possibilities. Only when these are exhausted do patients come to my practice in search of solutions.

My spectrum

"Take care of your body.
It's the only place you have to live."

Jim Rohn


The first contact is a thorough and detailed anamnesis. I take a lot of time for this. In a joint discussion, we look at the patient’s past history and current situation in all relevant facets.


In the systematic analysis of the anamnesis results, I benefit from my knowledge of the functional relationships of the body. If advised, my treatment concepts include manual therapies as well as the recommendation to involve other medical specialists.


For treatment, I draw on a therapeutic „toolbox“ and a wealth of medical knowledge that has grown over decades. In order to keep up to date with the latest findings in medicine, I regularly attend further training courses and congresses.

Instead of promises of a cure ...

… I offer space and my more than 20 years of expertise for a description of the path to the origin of pain. I accompany my patients, question the overall picture (nutrition, exercise, social situation, psychological stress), focus on unhealthy patterns of movement or thinking, initiate developments and have a holistic effect on the system. My therapies combine healing impulses with positive interactions between the regulatory circuits of body and mind, which are mutually dependent according to the model of clinical psycho-neuro-immunology (KPNI) and my empirical experience.