Brain & Body


Expert & Careful – My network combines excellent medical skills with a holistic view of the overall „human“ system.

Walk & Talk

Sometimes the clarification of personal issues requires a protected space outside my practice. For consultations and coaching sessions, I am happy to go on the road. Write to me!

Gyde on Air

Stimulating & informative – podcasts impart knowledge „in passing“. I am enthusiastic about this format. And sometimes I am not only a guest, but also a host …
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Healing is your responsibility

Physical disorders or complaints are often the last expression of a long chain of events and thought patterns. Patients come to my practice in search of solutions.

Inspiration for the mind

The psyche is a part of the body. That this is indeed the case, I experience daily in my practice. Often treatments of the body come up against limits that can be explained and influenced by looking at the next higher level.

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Grown knowledge

I always wanted to know what the body was like. That was my strongest driving force. Curiosity as well as my daily findings in practice have always spurred me on.

"It is the mind that builds the body."

Friedrich Schiller