Treatment against functional disorders of the musculos­keletal system

„… Nothing new, the best of many things!“ This is how our lecturer Dr. Kurt Mosetter described the myoreflex therapy he developed back then.

The functional, evidence-based methodology helped me myself with a serious illness, so I decided to take the 3-year further training in 2002. The integration of integrative and holistic aspects, such as functional anatomy, physics and biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system, orthopaedics and manual medicine, atlas therapy, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, Chinese medicine, acupuncture systems, as well as osteopathy and trigger point treatment, fit perfectly into my therapeutic system of thinking and observation.

This involves the immediate release of the excessive basic tensions in the patient’s body. This is accompanied by a relief of the joints and soft tissue structures. The organism is stimulated to make the appropriate adjustments and to restore a functionally smooth sequence of movements. Various symptoms are thus alleviated or even eliminated, and chronic incorrect stresses are improved. In addition, this therapy has an effect on the vegetative nervous system (including stress disorders, sleep disorders, general restlessness, etc.) and much more.

Myoreflex therapy

"... All nothing new, the best of many things!"

Dr. Kurt Mosetter


Myoreflex therapy looks at the functional relationships of the musculoskeletal system in a so-called muscle meridian concept.


Each symptom must be considered individually. Never two persons with the same pain localisation are to be treated in the same way. For this purpose, a detailed anamnesis is taken.


Myoeflex therapy makes use of the so-called muscle reflexes. Due to certain neuronal circuits, this is an active process in the client’s body. The therapist triggers these through targeted pressure points that regulate the existing tensions.