Expertise is evolved knowledge

I always wanted to know how the body was conceived and constituted. That was my strongest driving force. Curiosity as well as my daily findings in practice have always spurred me on to further training. My wealth of experience was to grow. The systems I wanted to understand and connect became more and more far-reaching.

On my way I encountered Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (KPNI) and the countless AHA experiences in this training were simply a revelation. The scientific provability of my empirical observation that symptoms only arise where little energy is present or arrives suddenly naturally connected the regulatory circuits of the psyche, nervous and immune systems. The fact is: the physical and psychological levels can be structurally connected. And: stress indicators are measurable today. If, for example, not enough serotonin is produced in the intestinal flora, this has an effect on how we feel.

Medical vita

"The more you learn, the more you can see."

Albert Einstein


My thinking and actions can best be described by the term interdisciplinary. I do not treat injuries, blockages and diseases in isolation or locally. Rather, I look for the fault in the system of the HEAD-BODY CONNECTION.

Thirsty for knowledge

One of my principles is: Learn from the best. In medicine, knowledge has no end. So my learning never ends either. And since I am inquisitive by nature, I work with motivation to expand my expertise.


Medical research produces new results every day. For me, it is a matter of principle That is why I follow current relevant studies, but rely exclusively on sound evidence in my treatments.

Recognizing patterns is my greatest strength

I combine this ability with a holistic knowledge of when the limit of physical expression has been reached and a higher-level component in the treatment must take effect. This is what I call head-body communication.